Benefits of Membership



    Queen BEES Social Club members enjoy exclusive access to monthly education and training sessions. The goal of these training sessions are to:

    • Support each others pursuits in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

    • Improve the world around us through workshops, community service, charity events, and group/family activities.

    • Mentor young women to follow in our footsteps.


    What's included?

    • Monthly Discussion Attendance
    • Quarterly Team-building Activity
    • Bi-monthly Mastermind Intensive
    • Annual Retreat Invite
    • Ongoing Sisterhood, Support, and Accountability throughout each month!

    What's a monthly discussion?

    Our monthly in-reach sessions cover a wide range of topics including time management, personal finance, women’s health & wellness, domestic violence prevention, and much more! These sessions have inspired several former members to continue their education, and go on to start their own businesses.

      • Monthly discussions are selected based on club member suggestions. We want to make sure we are teaching on the topics that you want and need to hear about.
      • Each club member brings their own individual experience and expertise to the club. We network with each other, and share access to the tools and resources that we each have used to get where we are today.
      • QBSC is a safe haven for women to explore and discover their purpose in life, while developing positive relationships with women who are on the same journey.

      Are you ready to join the hive?

      Click below to complete a membership application. We can't wait for you to join!