New year, same me. But better. By M. Allen, MBA

This was originally posted on 12/20/2017 on my personal social media account


Confession: I've been quiet on Social Media for the past few months. As an entrepreneur with ambitious aspirations, I struggle with who I "should be" and who I actually am. Crazy, right? My team has said, "Who cares? Either they'll work with you or not. But be authentically you!" But I'm thinking to myself, I'm an author, a speaker, and head of this uplifting social organization. I can't say or do certain things in public. People will think {blank} about me.... Well, I realized that I've been feeding myself a load of crap! I am ME and that’s all I am ever going to be. So, here goes:

- I am a God fearing woman. I pray. I go to church on Sunday, and Bible study on Tuesdays. I am still  

 a work in progress though.

- I am a wife. Not a perfect one, but I plan on spending a lifetime on the journey of being a great help


- I'm a mom. I love my boys. They get on my nerves daily, but I love the hell outta them.

- I curse. Like a sailor. But not in front of my kids, or my momma.

- If you pop slick you may get told where to go or prayed for, depending on the circumstance.

- I like wine

- I like trap music

- I like strippers. They are beautiful and confident!

- I love to help others in need (homeless, lost, spiritually, emotionally, business-related, etc)

- I say inappropriate things.

- I'm sarcastic.

- I'm impatient. Not in traffic but, with clueless people.

- I'm insecure.

- I'm judgmental, of myself and others.

- I'm nerdy; I like science and documentaries.

- I'm a little ghetto. Sophistiratchet as they say.

- I'm insensitive sometimes.

- I like ratchet reality TV.

- I don't watch the news.

- I'm not as hip to politics as I used to be.

- I don't talk to my friends and associates as often as I'd like. But I genuinely wish the best for all of



I’ve said all of this to say, I'm me. I publically accept this and everything that goes along with it. Years down the line when my first set of books are published, when QBSC is on and poppin, and when I'm out speaking, teaching, and inspiring the world, don't come for me with no "Ohhhh in 2008 she said XYZ. " Because I probably did say it, and so what? I am who I am, I went where I went, I said what I said, I did what I did, and I loved every minute of it! LOL


I'm me! I'm authentic! And if I offend you, I certainly don't mean to. But if it’s all the same to you, get over it.



Future Dr. Megan Allen, PhD

Author, Speaker, Professor, and Founder of QBSC

P.S. Shout out to my husband Randy Allen, my BFF Nakia Ruffner, and my business bae Charita Matthews for always loving me for who I am and pushing me to be the best me! Y'all rock… Especially my Superman

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