Oh Mother! By QBSC

In Honor of Mothers everywhere, we share some of our most heartfelt and funny stories and kick ass advice from our moms! Enjoy and don't forget to share yours with us!


"I have a great mom if I do say so myself. She taught me everything I know, and I'm pretty awesome myself! As a child she instilled kindness, compassion and a love for God. As I grew older she taught me to be assertive and confident. As I prepared to become a wife she made sure I was ready to take on that role, down to checking to see if I could boil an egg properly. After becoming a mother myself we have grown even closer. She allows me room to make mistakes but she's always there to love and support me during the fallout. I could not have been blessed with a better mother and I would not trade her for the world! Love you Genikkima!"

- Charita


"The mother-daughter relationship my mother and I have is far from the typical as it didn’t really start until I was a teen. Despite (and because of) our late start I have learned so much. My relationship with my mother allowed me to see how important a Mother is to her children, and taught me the kind of mother I want to be to my daughter. The most valuable lessons my mother has taught me include perseverance; it’s never too late to get things right! The thing I love most about my mother is that she never makes me feel judged. I can always depend on her for advice, and even when I don’t follow it, she is there to support me; if I fall, she is there to pick me up, judgement free! I can talk to her about anything and I hope to make my daughter feel the same when she is older!"

- Laura


"My mother has always marched to the beat of her own drum, so there's no surprise that she married someone that did the same.
When she got pregnant, her and my father decided that they did not want to know my gender before my birth, which I admit, was not too out of the norm for the time. But to add to this, they also made no effort to pick ANY baby names either.
She sheepishly admits, "We just didn't pick any names. I don't know why."
I retort, "So you basically just didn't care enough to name me? You could have just made a list of boy AND girl names if you didn't want to know the gender Ma." "Well, we just didn't. I was just so happy that I had such a great pregnancy," she says.

So, nine months later when a little girl arrived, she still did not have a name. My Dad stepped up and decided to give me a family name, "Amelia". A name that I now share with my late aunt, sister and a distant grandmother. 

My mother continues her story.

One day, I took you to work. You were about two years old at the time, and one of my co-workers had never seen you. She asked your name, and I replied, "Amelia". She busted out loudly, "Oh, Amelia Bedelia!" I was lost, because I didn't know what she was talking about. So I said, "What's that?". "Oh, the "Amelia Bedelia" books! They're for kids. Amelia Bedelia does all these crazy things because she takes everything you say literally. Like potting plants in REAL pots when you tell her to, "pot the plants". Needless to say, I went to the library and got ALL the "Amelia Bedelia" books the next week. They were full of all of the funny things Amelia Bedelia did because she took everything literally just like she had said.

A few weeks later I took you to the mall, I had forgotten the stroller, so I let you walk, you weren't fussy. When we walked in, I mumbled, really to myself, "It's cold on this floor." Now you, who NEVER talked until we set you to school really astonished me. We rode up the elevator, and as we reached the top and stepped off, you bent down and placed both of your hands on the floor and said, "No it's not mommy." I thought of the Amelia Bedelia books and laughed. Wow, I thought to myself, names really do fit the person. To this day I just laugh at how perceptive you were. And I still love those books. . ."



"My mother always told me to be mindful, grateful for what I have, pray and to put family first. One of her best qualities is keeping up with photos of friends and family. I see how she takes pride in her loved ones with her loving persona. She’s definitely the photographer at most events. As a child she lost a lot of photographic memories. I understand why she loves taking pictures. Pictures hold fond memories, history and moments that can’t be replaced. As I get older & now a mom, I’m able to comprehend the advice and direction my mother gave me while growing up! Life is about living in the present moment. She taught me the value of life which has no price tag. I am forever grateful. Happy mother day! "



"I’m grateful to my mom for showing me the power in giving from my heart. I use to be so upset watching my mother do so much for others and they never seemed to give anything back. As I grew up and saw my own self giving and not getting as much back as I wanted In return I wondered if it was some type of inherited flaw. Some years later through meditation and self reflection I realized I was looking at it all wrong. What I came to realize is that we are to give without expectation.  Usually the people  you pour into have nothing to give back. Watching my moms life change and prosper over the years I realized your blessing don’t come from the people you bless and you shouldn’t worry about anyone else’s intentions when you give from your heart. Be it your time, resources, or love. What you put out into the world comes back to you. It urges you to let go of control and is one of the most freeing lessons I’ve learned to date. I again want to thank my mom for demonstrating this even if she didn’t know it". 


"My sisters and I always joke around all the time about us being boys. We occasionally call each other names that being with the first letter of our name, but are male names. We even refer to each other as "brother", "him", or "he". One day we are sitting around joking, as usual, at our parents' house. My younger sister said something smart-ass to me, as usual. Unusually, my mom interjects and says 'Don't do your brother like that!'. We turned to her and all of us cracked up laughing! From then on, she's been a dude too!

My mother was always so serious growing up. She had to be. She worked two jobs until I graduated from high school. I don't remember her being funny until I was almost an adult. I do remember the first time she was funny. We were kids. She called us all down to the steps. She stood at the bottom with a serious face and said 'You know that movie Death Becomes Her?' We all nodded. She says 'Well, I'm peeling and I wanted y'all to know that I'm falling apart like the lady in the movie. I'm gonna spray myself'. As she points to what must have been a healing sunburn or scratch, we cracked up laughing!

I learned from my mom the true meaning of hustling and keeping your shit together. We were never hungry or dirty, we learned how to cook for ourselves, we learned to be humble (and sit down when told lol), and we knew that even if she wasn't home, she was there for us! She'd come home and take her 20 minutes to herself and then she was all ours. I love you dude!

- Megan

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